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Women-Owned products

Wear Women-Owned

To this day, women-owned businesses lack the financing and support their male counterparts receive. Add your logo to one of the brands below to help change that fact.

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Brand Stories


Sarah Klauss founded S’well to help reduce the number of plastic bottles dumped in water bodies. Her line features bottles that are not only beautiful and structurally sound but also planet-positive.


A receptionist turned stockbroker turned fashion director turned entrepreneur, Francine’s resume is amazing. Her company prides itself in its production of functional bags that are as impressive as she is.

The Word On the Street

Stop!! You’re making us blush.

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Casey Rogers

Associate Brand Manager

I reached out to about 7 vendors and every vendor was nowhere near as organized as their team was. They created a wonderful doc that gave us clear options with price points. Their processes just make it all so easy.

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